Western Joint Dispatch Agreement

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All loads and resources of each participating balancing authority, with the exception of output behind the meter of less than 10 megawatts, must be recorded in the WEIS. Participating accounting authorities may choose not to participate in an integrated charge or generation. Market participants will submit energy plans reflecting all bilateral and self-deployed activities. Xcel Energy concluded that Tri-State had no contractual rights to all transmission capacity on these common routes, arguing that SPP`s tariff could allow Tri-State to ship production in PSCo`s balancing zone at the full physical capacity of the common roads. Xcel Energy said this could lead to the unrestricted use of transmission capacity owned by PSCo or other non-WEIS parties. Other companies that will begin to participate include Seattle City Light and Arizona`s Salt River Project in 2020; Los Angeles Department of Water and Electricity Albuquerque, N.M.- Based at Public Service Company of New Mexico, Northwestern Energy of Butte, Montana and Turlock Irrigation District in 2021; Avista, based in Spokane, Washington, and Tucson Electric Power in 2022. As an example, Xcel Energy mentioned the transportation routes jointly owned by PSCo and Tri-State that connect the wholesale co-op`s resources and burdens in the compensation area of the western Colorado region of Missouri. All participating loads and outputs (with the exception of behind-the-meter generation of less than 10 megawatts) should be registered with SPP. Participating BAs could also register resources that are not available for cost-effective shipping and are rather alone. FERC has agreed to an undisputed settlement agreement between SPP and NIPCO for its annual deferral revenues. | NIPCO California`s independent grid operator launched a Western market for energy imbalances in 2014.

In June 2018, SPP said it plans to offer reliability coordination services in the western United States starting in late 2019, specificy Western interconnection. FERC rejected the producer interconnection agreements submitted by SPP with four wind farms, noting that the RTO had failed to prove that they were fair and reasonable. | GE Settlements is based on the energy imbalance of market participants for each five-minute market interval, which is the difference between the load obligation and the resource supply. If the obligation is greater than the supply, the market player pays the AMP for the imbalance at the place of settlement. If the delivery is greater than the obligation, the network resource beyond the obligation would receive its shipped power multiplied by the AMP. The agreement will help the above-mentioned distribution companies move from the JDA to the west of the EIM. ISO will work with partners to provide resource plans, load forecasts and failure reports. Owners of common resources have the ability to model and ship their share of the resource independently of other shares.

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) has signed an implementation agreement with Xcel Energy – Colorado, which paves the way for the company`s participation in the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) in 2022. . .