Trademark Purchase Agreement Sample

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These are some of the most common situations in which a trademark assignment agreement is important: the trademark is often used in both a trademark and a service mark. The difference lies in the fact that trademarks are used to identify goods and merchandise, and service marks are used for services provided by a company, for example. B those sold or supplied by a seller. Therefore, Chile is a service mark because the restaurant serves food, but a Bloomin`Onion is a trademark because it is a special good. A trademark assignment agreement is typically used to document a transfer of ownership of a trademark or service mark. A transfer of ownership is often necessary when a product or business is sold or bought by another person or organization. In the agreement for the assignment of a type mark, the addressee of the assignment and the assignee must also be named. The Assignor is the current owner of the trademark. They give the property to the buyer.

This person is the one who pays money to get the brand, and becomes the new owner. Remember that registering a trade name is not the same as registering a trademark. You need a template for a trademark assignment agreement if you want to transfer ownership of a service mark or trademark from one party to another. The trademark assignment contract is the legally binding document that makes the transfer official and legally binding and defines the terms of the purchase. Although elusive, a brand is a valuable asset, as customers instantly associate certain qualities with a recognized brand. A trademark assignment contract allows the owner to properly transfer good-business or good-business from one company to another party. The document must be signed by both the Asssignor and the Assignee. Signatures must be certified by a certified notary and notarized in order to make the trademark assignment contract a legally binding agreement. This is especially necessary if you intend to register your trademark worldwide after purchase.

A brand is a very valuable thing because it becomes something that people immediately associate with a recognized brand. This agreement essentially transfers all the accumulated recognition, reputation and good business from one company to another party. The term “brand” is often used to refer to both a trademark and a service mark….