Easement Agreement For Driveway

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Many houses, especially in more rural Georgian counties, have common (or common) access. Sharing access involves both benefits and frustrations. A great advantage of common access is that it usually means that maintenance and repair costs are shared between you and other owners. On the other hand, you may be limited in how you can use the driveway, which can often lead to disagreements between neighbors. The exact provision of a common entry agreement may vary, but a well-developed agreement establishes rules that specify how access is maintained and how differences of opinion are managed if they occur. Relief, also known as the right of priority, is a right granted to the holder of the facility to use property that is not in the owner`s possession. A facilitation agreement can provide positive relief. B, for example, a person who can cross a nearby lot to reach a public road or negative relief, for example.B. prevent a person from building a fence that would obstruct the view of the neighbor. Relief usually works with the country, which means that such agreements can affect your property until the future.

If a person possesses both relief characteristics, the relief stops because the above scenario comes true, in which relief can no longer exist, since there are no longer two property owners. Therefore, it is not necessary to obtain a permit to cross one of them for access to land. When you offer money to your neighbour for the right to create relief, it usually paves the way for an agreement or extension of existing relief. Make sure relief is written legally and included in a package of deeds. Williams Teusink is the answer to anyone in the Atlanta metro and surrounding Georgian counties who want to propose, accept or negotiate relief, a common entry or a border line agreement. With decades of experience in developing and verifying such agreements, our firm has the know-how to ensure that your rights and interests are protected in a new way. In order to ensure that you have the right to use and enjoy your property as much as possible, it is essential that you have experience behind you when entering into facilities, common entries and boundary lines. While the short-term benefits of such agreements can be lucrative, you need an experienced real estate lawyer to ensure that all your interests are protected in the short and long term.

Creating a clear agreement will help avoid litigation and liability issues in the future. Cars, dumpsters, heavy trucks and other construction equipment suddenly cross your property to reach another. No authorization has been granted, including a facility of entry that gives someone the right to drive on property they do not own to access other land, usually property they own.